Who We are Looking for

We are looking for certified Rope Access technicians who are passionate about doing a good job, who want to continuously learn new things and who have excellent collaboration skills.


At SafeReach we hire IRATA– and Sprat certified Rope Access technicians who have work-life experience in one or a few crafts. Candidates also need to speak fluent Swedish or English.

In addition, we seek technicians who are passionate about doing a good job. We want team-members who share our ambition to deliver high quality work and who work hard to complete work on time.

At SafeReach we embrace diversity in our company and in our teams. We welcome team members regardless of gender, age, religion, ethnical background and lifestyle. This ambition may sound like a cliché, but we really mean it. Research shows that mixed work-teams perform better than homogenous teams because of the multitude of perspectives that different team-members bring.

However, at SafeReach we think the most important thing is how we work together as a team. Excellent team-work skills are the key to success in all group assignment including Rope Access work. For this reason, we seek Rope Access technicians who have excellent collaboration skills.

About Working for Us

When you work for SafeReach you can expect to work closely with the other team-members and to learn a lot of new things.

What it’s Like Working for SafeReach

When working for SafeReach you will be part of a high performing team that works according to well established work-processes. We continuously strive to improve how we work and the quality of the work we do.

SafeReach is in the forefront when it comes to professional handling of risks as well as using new techniques and technologies. We have State-of-the-Art routines for Risk Analysis and Evacuation Planning. We use modern IT-applications for time-reporting and time-approval. In addition, we offer Rope Access inspection-services where the climbers use technology that allows the customers to see what they see in real time.

But make no mistake, we also have fun together when we work! If you are the type of person who likes to make your colleagues laugh, that’s a merit when you apply for a job with us.

Glad Rope Access-tekniker

About the SafeReach Team

The team at SafeReach is a mixed group of people from different countries. Apart from a big spread in age we are probably the most gender-diverse Rope Access-company in Northern Europe.

Many of us have a background in sports-climbing and what is sometimes called alternative lifestyles. Several of our team members want to alternate working hard and taking time off for different adventures in the world. We know that choice of lifestyle and how one performs at work is not related. You can read more about us and how we work here

What brings us together is our desire to do a good job and to have fun when doing so.

Our motto is ’Work Hard, Play Hard’.

Glad kvinnlig reparbetare på hög höjd

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We are active both on LinkedIn and on Facebook. In these channels we show how we work and how we think about safety and good work-processes. The readers also get a feel for the types of work we do.  

En yrkesklättrare hänger på en fasad. Himlen som har vita moln reflekteras i fönsterna.

Open Positions at SafeReach

We are not actively looking to expand our team at the moment.

When we have open positions, we post them here and on our LikedIn page.

However, we are always on the lookout for talented Rope Access technicians for shorter or longer projects all over Sweden. For this reason, we are welcome spontaneous applications.

The SafeReach Values

We aim to be the safest and most well-organized company offering Rope Access services in Scandinavia.


At SafeReach we have integrated safety in all our work-processes before, during and after a Rope Access job is carried out.


At SafeReach we have well-established work-processes, internal controls and tools to carry out work in a safe and effective manner.


The customers are at the center at SafeReach. We adapt our way of working according to every customer’s needs.

What our customers say

SafeReach did the window cleaning on floor 10-14 in a quick and efficient manner. We will definately hire them again.

– Adib Kakar, Site Manager Veidekke Sverige

At NCE we often work in dangerous and challenging environments. For this reason, safety is our highest priority when we plan our work. Because SafeReach has the same high safety-standards, we always use their services.

– Dan Björkskog, CEO NCE Finland

The SafeReach climbers solved our little crisis the day after we called them. All the paperwork was in order and the safety of the workers was great. For this reason we recommend SafeReach.

– Per Gustafsson, Maintainance Engineer Stockholm Exergi

The project manager at SafeReach solved the challenges we bumped into when we were conducting the work. By doing so, we could focus on other things.

– Håkan Forsell, COE Byggmontage Forsell AB

Rope Access Work that We Offer

At SafeReach we offer a wide range of craft-services performed via Rope Access climbing. We are experienced in facade renovation, window cleaning, installation, grouting, changing windows-sections etc. In addition we do work in confined spaces, for example during inspections and sanitation work.

We have a wide and deep knolwedge of personal safety, so we also offer safety guidance and courses in fallprotection. Read more about our safety consultation services and fallprotection courses here.